Corny Milk

4 cereal bars with cream

Cereal mixture 16.5% (corn, sugar, salt, malt barley), coconut oil, flour (rice, wheat, corn), glucose syrup, fructose, powdered milk 5%, sugar, honey 5%, vegetable fat, lactose, skimmed powdered milk 3%, toasted oat flakes 3%, skimmed cocoa powder, dextrose, sweetened condensed milk, glycerine stabiliser, salt, caramelised sugar syrup, calcium car-bonate, sunflower lecithin, flavourings.

May contain traces of hazelnuts and peanuts.
Nutrition information
per 30g per 100g  
Energy 554 kJ / 132 kcal 1448 kJ / 441 kcal  
Protein 1,8g 5,9g  
Carbohydrates 17,5g 58,2g  
Fat 5,7g 19,1g  
Fibre 2g 2g  
Sodium 0,09g 0,09g  
Calcium 133mg 443mg  
Recommended daily intake 17% 55%  
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